Monday, 18 June 2007

Hunniiii met Mummyyy!

Haven't been blogging much recently - been so so busy with revision! Ahhh well 7 exams down, 4 more to go! Even though it's been such a slog revising for them, it feels weird thinking it's all going to be over by next Tuesday. They've gone so fast! And then it'll be time for me to start looking for a job and find things to do so that I'm not a useless bum this summer!

On Friday, Hunnii finally met my mummy! I managed to drag him out at the last minute for dinner the poor boy - he probably wanted time to prepare himself but oooo well more fun this way =) We went for dinner at this Brazilian restaurant. Anyways, my mummy really liked him! She thought he was very polite and sweet... and it wasn't awkward at all!

Me and my beautiful Mummy posing before we went out

Me and my gorgeous Hunniii in the restaurant

Me and Mummy in the restaurant... isn't it pretty!

On Saturday when I saw Truong, I dragged him shopping again... and he bought me these gorgeous wedge sandals from River Island... isn't he cute?! He was really sweet s well he really went round looking at all the sandals for me and helping me choose, unlike so many gys who would just be sulking! Awwww loveee him <3333333

Do you love them???

Monday, 11 June 2007

Party time!

Today went out with Hunniii... I'd been craving thousand year old egg congee for the past few days so made him take me to Tai Wu to get some! Mmmmmmm..... I know congee's so common and is considered 'poor man's food', but I don't care! I love it.

After that, he got a call from his friend to go to his friend's son's birthday party at Glamorous Restaurant - kinda bad timing considering we'd just eaten! It was majority Vietnamese people there, so there was like permanent Vietnamese karaoke running in the background! After hearing all these songs so many times though at Hunniii's place, I could almost sing along to some of them, although I haven't got a clue what it means! The party was pretty good... the champagne was so strong though! And we just sat there for hours all playing the rock paper scissors drinking game - although I didn't do the drinking because I hate beer for a start, and second of all I barely drink anyway! The host got so drunk he fell asleep after about half an hour! Hunniii got so drunk. I could tell he was starting to get a little tipsy and told him so, especially seeing as he was supposed to be driving, but he claimed that he 'knew his limits'... yeah right. Because he hadn't done any hardcore drinking in so long, he got drunk so much quicker than what would usually have been the case. By the time we got out, he was so so drunk! Good thing that we were with his 2 other friends anyway, so one of them drove even though he'd also drank quite a lot, although he was definitely nowhere near as bad as Hunnii! So we took him back to his house and I looked after him for a bit and he fell asleep, and then I realised.... 'uh oh... mum wants me home by 10pm!' Hunnii's friends still had his car because they'd gone to their house for a bit, so I called them and luckily they took me home!

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Leaving college...

So yesterday was the last day of college for us.... EVER! Feels so weird to think about it - I almost don't feel old enough to leave college. It's just scary to think that the next step is uni now! Looking back, this year has gone so fast - but what have I actually achieved? It's weird to think that I'm never again going to sit in the canteen aimlessly gossiping and messing around with my friends..... or walk to town with Alex and act like psychos.... I feel so thankful to have made such amazing friends. But it feels as if I've only just got to form these friendships... and now it'll soon be time to say goodbye to them when we head off to uni in September.

We took so many photos! We must have looked so vain, I'm only going to post up like 1% of the phtos though, otherwise they'll totally slow down this blog!

For lunch on Friday me and my girlfriends all went to Nandos for lunch. We ate so much, and took so many photos! I think we looked like tourists, as if we'd never seen a Nandos before with the amount of photos that we took! When we were leaving, we also took a lot of photos outside Nandos, making sure we got the Nandos sign in every picture! We DEFINITELY looked like tourists haha... especially when I grabbed some random guy walking past us to take our picture, specifying for the Nandos sign to be visible in the background! He looked highly amused.

Yesterday when I checked the calories for Nandos though, I was shocked... half a chicken is 781 CALORIES! So when you add the sidelines to it, it's going to be over 1000 calories just for one meal! That's like my usual whole day's food! Think it's time to work out...

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

On being Japanese...

It has been so hectic recently! Had a business exam yesterday, and 2 politics exams today! I think they went ok though... well, I hope so seeing as I desperately need As in all these exams because they're the final ones and I need good grades to get into Uni of London!

Met up with Hunniii on Sunday... look what I made him!

He liked it! Well, he better do, the amount of time and effort I put into that! I wrote in chinese characters: "Chan oi dik, ying jun lo gung.... NGOH OI LEI!" (Dearest handsome hubby... I LOVE YOU!) Just felt like randomly doing something sweet for him!

We went to Yo Sushi for lunch. I sat at the table while Hunnii went the toilet, and whilst I was sat there, all the Japanese chefs and waitresses were just staring at me as if I had two heads! Then after awhile, one of the chefs came up to me and started talking to me in Japanese! At first I just stared at him thinking 'am I just so tired that everyone sounds like they're talking jibberish?!', so then after about two minutes of just sat there looking like a goon with my mouth open staring at him, I asked him to repeat it, and after that it became clear to me that he was speaking... not english... not cantonese..... but japanese! Arrgh! I just looked even more flabbergasted then, and was like "I don't speak Japanese!" All the waitresses started laughing, especially when I then clarified that I was in fact chinese, not japanese! Hmm... do I look that Japanese really?? Even my own grandmother says I do whenever I visit her! When Hunniii first met me, he also thought I was Japanese! Hmm... think someone had a secret affair down the family line haha.

Later, Hunnii wanted to play football for a little bit, so I went to watch him for awhile.... oh my goodness seriously BOREDOM! That's definitely the last time I'm doing that! I didn't want to complain for ages because he was only going to play for an hour and I thought, you know, it's his thing so I should just try and tolerate it because after all, he tolerates so much for me. When he was just coming off the pitch and putting his top back on, I was at breaking point... sitting in the sun watching a load of sweaty guys is definitely NOT for me... I was like GRRR I'm going to tan!!! Then Hunnii had to put up with me moaning about it the whole journey back to his. Poor guy. Haha. Saying that though, I wa seriously exhausted and stressed out from studying all week for these exams... when we got back to his I just fell asleep with a pounding headache, and in the end I made him take me home super early because I was way too exhausted to be good company... I needed SLEEP!!

I can't wait for these exams to be over... I want my summer to start already! Well, 2 more exams tomorrow, and then 5 more to go after that! Wish me luck!

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Lost and now found!

So for the past week (well, from Tuesday onwards), I havn't been able to get in touch with Hunniii at all!! Usually, he calls me every night, around the same time, so when he didn't call on Tuesday night I decided to call him before I went to sleep. But when I rang him, his phone just came up with the message "calls are not currently being connected to this number"!!! So I kept trying, thinking maybe there just wasn't reception or something, but it still didn't work! The next night, when I tried again after he didn't call, it just went staight to voicemail, as if his phone was just switched off or something! And that carried on all week. I really was getting seriously worried about him... my imagination always runs wild, and I had images of him getting kidnapped running through my mind! Ok, so he is like 23 so he can hardly be KIDnapped, but STILL!! And then I was telling my friend Jon, and his reasurring response to that was: "Maybe he just broke up with you, and you were too ditzy to realise lah.."


Just what every girl wants to hear huh?! First of all, as if any guy would want to break up with me - I'll have you know I am actually the dream girlfriend! Not to mention hawt ok??? Haha seriously though, although I'll admit for a snap second I did consider that theory, but NO! Anyway, by that point, I'd just been hoping that his phone was just broken or something, to stop me thinking all the gruesome possibilities in my mind!

Anyway, today Jess called me... turns out her friend knows Hunnii, and when Hunnii found out that that girl was going to Jess' party tonight, he realised it sounded familiar... because I was supposed to go to her party too!! So he asked that girl to ask Jess for my number and finally called me!! After a grand total of 5 DAYS OF SILENCE from him! Turns out he left his phone in his car, and someone broke into his car and stole his phone!! Grrrr. Poor baby! Makes me so angry to just think there are people out there in the world who would do something like that! So he's been fixing his car all day today. Well at least thank God that he is ok! I'm just so relieved!

Ahhhh I bought a turquoise scarf the other day from the mall! I've seen it since a few weeks ago actually, and loved it, but didn't know which colour to choose! But it kept running through my mind for the past few weeks (I know, I know, SHOPAHOLIC), so I just had to go get one! So in between revision and boredom today, I decided to play with my clothes and my new scarf, and have PHOTO TIME! Excuse the messy hair and shiny face by the way - I had no makeup on (no, not even foundation.. that's gotta be a first for me!), and hadn't done my hair as today was supposed to be REVISION DAY, although that clearly wasn't the case! What can I say, I clearly hae no shame.

Thursday, 31 May 2007

My celebrity lookalikes!

Hmm... isn't it ironic how I look most like Japanese celebrities, even though I'm Chinese?!

Caffeine fix =)

Went to Starbucks today with Fran and Amy, for a major politics revision session in Starbucks! We always go there anyway every week anyway for our weekly girly time, and we've always noticed this one big table there with really nice low lamps - perfect place to study! So we sat there with our yummy cinnamon swirls and grande sugar-free vanilla soy cappuccinos (500 calories in total!!), had a bit of a girly chat, then Amy left and Fran and I got working. I have to say, the caffeine injection helped greatly... saying that, I think I've become somewhat addicted to caffeine... and I really mean ADDICTED, as in, I can barely function without it! Catch me on a day where I have not had my caffeine fix, and I'm telling you, I will not be a happy bunny! Anyways, we both did feel so much better after that revision session... at least now we feel like we actually have a chance at getting a decent grade in the exam on Tuesday.

Our attention did start to wander though, a couple of hours later, so we went downstairs to Paperchase in Borders bookshop to have a look at the stationery there (so cute!). Didn't get anything, but really I think it was just a sign of our extreme shopaholism... we can't even revise without getting urges to shop!

PS: NOA: Thanks! I will need all the luck I can get in these exams! =)

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Studying studying studying...

Arrgh I am soooo bored! Exams are coming real soon now, so have been holed up in my room studying! Everyone's out tonight for Beach Party @ MTwo and I'm not allowed to go because I have to study! So frustrating! Especially as me and Wendy were just so looking forward to dressing up all summery tonight! Although, ironically enough, the very night that it is the Beach Party it is actually cold and raining! I have a week break off from college now, before the exams start, and I know I should be grateful for the time to study but I just feel so antisocial at the moment. Hmmmm I'm probably just whining right now (and procrastinating!).

Look how pretty the revision notes I made are though!

I know, I know... the very fact that I can show excitement at something so trivial quite obviously signifies my descent into geekdom... and obvious boredom! But I seriously cannot revise unless I made pretty notes... at least it feels like I've been productive even if I have spent half the time colouring them in =)